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thinking what to say
planning the guide

This guide is being written by members of the E-Consultation Research Project and others.

Here is some help for those writing the guide.


We've added two extensions to this intallation of MediaWiki

The Cite extension

to handle footnotes. E.g.

There are various papers suggesting the potential of e-consultation.[1]

This lets you put the reference details into footnotes, so the flow of the guide isn't disturbed. Also note how the reference is linked to the full bibliographic details in Wikindx on this site. Always put references into http://www.e-consultation.org/wikindx3/ .

A graphviz extension

Graph image creation requires permission to upload.

to produce graphs from lists of linked nodes. E.g.

<graphviz>digraph G {
   size = "1.5,1.5";
   A -> B [label = "part of"];

will be displayed as shown on the right.


  1. Morison and Newman 2001