What is new about Web 2.0?

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1.0 Worldwide web 1st generation

  • 1 -> many
    • One person writes the content.
    • Many people read the pages.
  • Need to write in HTML + graphics

1.5 Content management systems (CMS)

  • Small teams -> many readers
    • Each writer works on a different page
    • Designers and programmers work separately on overall system, not each page.
  • Get easier for writers to use, but still need training.
  • Examples: DirectGov, Green Party in NI

Web 2.0

  • many -> many
    • many people write or upload content
    • many others read and sometimes comment
  • Much easier to write
    • Better usability, no training needed (at most watch a 5-min. video)
    • Can set up an account with a service provider such as blogspot or Facebook, or install easy-to-use software like WordPress.
  • Examples:
  • Comments build conversations
    • Not just a quick information fix: interactive
    • Not just simple instant transactions: ongoing relationships