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Time (**)

  1. How much time it will take to setup a technology for consultation activity?
  2. When consultation process will begin and end?
  3. How/when consultation activity will be taken place with selected technology?
  4. How frequently similar consultation will take place in future?

Cost (**)

  1. How much it will cost to purchase/setup a technology for consultation process?
  2. What is cost to setup an infrastructure to run e-consultation?
  3. Do I need to go into training course or hire technical consultant to setup a technology?
  4. Is it single time service from technology provider?
  5. Are we investing in technology that can be use in future?

Engagement (*)

  1. How technology will make effect in engaging participant in consultation process?
  2. Is there any best practise guide/examples available on using technology for creating greater participation?
  3. How to select/setup/customise technology to meet different participant needs? Disable, less literate, young people

Case studies (**)

  1. How technology is used in engaging participant in consultation?
  2. What are the examples of technology can be used to map different consultation activity.
  3. Is there any best practise guide available where I can find most suitable technology for consultation activities?

Participation (**)

  1. Does participant required special skill and knowledge to use technology setup for running consultation activity? What?
  2. Is there any guide available for technology usage from participant point of view?
  3. Who is preparing instruction on how to use technology?
  4. How much cost is to participation in consultation?
  5. Who/How/When will access technology in consultation process?

Skills (**)

  1. Do I have skills for setting up consultation technology?
  2. What skills are required to use technology in consultation process?
  3. How do I learn to setup e-consultation?
  4. Where can I find further advice or training course to setup technology?

Usability (***)

  1. What is usability?
  2. How do you know usability problems?
  3. How can you measure usability of consultation technology?
  4. Why usability is important in consultation technology?
  5. How do I integrate usability in third-party technology?
  6. Can usability increase/decrease cost of technology?
  7. Will it reduce technical support service?
  8. Does usability improves greater participation in consultation process?
  9. Are there any guidelines or online resource on usability and standards practise?

Results (*)

  1. What is use of data collection in consultation process?
  2. Who will be responsible for managing consultation data? After and during consultation process.
  3. Are any software/technology will be used in analysis of information?
  4. Are consultation results will be available to participants? How? When?

Benefits (***)

  1. What is benefit in doing e-consultation?
  2. Does technology investment is worth while for long term future?
  3. Do I need to use technical service from provider or setup my technology for consultation?
  4. What is benefit to participant on using technology in consultation?
  5. How my organisation will take advantage using technology in consultation?

What is e-consultation (*)

  1. What is consultation?
  2. What is difference between consultation and e-consultation?
  3. Do we need to have website to run e-consultation?
  4. How e-consultation is useful/helpful in doing proposed consultation process?
  5. What are the benefits/drawbacks of doing e-consultation for my organisation?

Resources (***)

  1. What technical resources available in-house in terms of knowledge, skills, software?
  2. Does consultation activity required any hardware or portable device like laptop, mobile phones?
  3. How many man-hours required for configure/setup technology for consultation process?

Relationships (*)

  1. How/When people will be participating in consultation activity using technology?
  2. How technology will improve communication with internal, partner’s organisation and member of public during consultation process.

FAQ (***)

  1. Do I have to know what consultation is?
  2. How software/technologies can be used in consultation?
  3. What are different types of e-consultations?
  4. Who will be managing/moderating consultation technology? How?
  5. Is there any pre-requisite for running e-consultation?
  6. Can you give example/case studies where e-consultation has been used in practical?
  7. Where can I get information about e-consultation tools?
  8. Can’t find your answer here?
  9. Some technology is already very popular over internet? What is difference in using same technology for consultation? Context?
  10. Is it all about setting up online – consultation over internet? Like web application?

Promotion (*)

  1. Do we need to give online adversities on search engines?
  2. How can we prompt consultation in own website and partners website?
  3. Is there any incentive for taking part in consultation with technology? How?
  4. How can I promote consultation to email list and over internet?

Guidelines (**)

  1. Why everyone needs online consultation?
  2. Is there any “Do and Don’t” guidelines available for implementing consultation technology?
  3. What should I keep in mind when selecting technology for consultation activity?
  4. Should I select technology that is familiar with everyone and easy to manage during consultation process?
  5. Are there any example/case studies where technology is used in consultation process?
  6. How to setup technology that is accessible and use proven standard.
  7. How much cost is involved in using technology for consultation process?

Translation (***)

  1. What are aim/purpose/objectives of the consultation?
  2. What sort of the activities will be taken place during the consultation?
  3. How/when each activity will be used in consultation? (Is there any assumptions in activity?)
  4. What is stack holders envisage role in activity?
  5. Are these activities integrated with each other or any other consultation? How?
  6. List of the matching technology for each activities of the consultation?
  7. Is there any single technology or many technology required for consultation?
  8. How the technology overall will be useful in meet consultation aim/purpose/objectives?

Security (***)

  • Define security issues for consultation technology.
    • User management
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Data protection
    • Data validation
  • Conduct security test and planning
  • Know common source of security error/violation/attack for web sites, web technologies.
  • Are you collecting personnel information on the website/technology?
    • Do you have your privacy policy and terms of use available for users?
    • How this personnel information will be treated?
  • Who will be having access to data colleted with consultation technology?
  • What will happen at end of consultation? How would you archive consultation responses?
  • Security policy/backup for any unlikely event for technology fails.

Technology, Technology matching (***)

Technology selection process
  • Define your needs (Why you need a consultation technology)
    • Define consultation case
      • Description: a short explanation of the consultation activity
      • Reasons: a description of the needs why this consultation activity should be taken
      • Assumptions: All the assumptions to make this consultation activity
      • Benefits: List of benefits for consulting organisation and participant
      • Cost: How much it cost to run this consultation activity
      • Investment: Can this consultation activity will be taken in future
  • Define your selection criteria (Criteria for Technology selection)
    • Vendor stability and reputation (support)
    • Wide adoption in market
    • Does it require any possible changes to meet stack holders needs
    • Secure and mature/proven technology
    • Training and documentation
    • Actual implementation of the technology
    • Technology accessibility standards
  • List of matching technologies
  • Select the best suited for you
    • Good description of technology
    • Infrastructure required (network)
    • Platforms (operating systems, hardware)
    • Architectural Integrity (Interaction with other technology, Would it possible to integrate with other technology?)
    • Fitness for purpose (Is it meeting purpose envisaged?)
    • Expertise (What knowledge should be available in-house, Maintenance and support)
    • Maturity of Standard (Is the technology mature and well-proven)
    • User needs (Does the technology satisfy the user requirements and Matching stack holders requirements)
    • Preservation needs (Is technology is appropriate for long-term preservation)
    • Budget (time, money)

Design, planning (*)

  1. What technical knowledge/expertise should be available in-house?
  2. How much time is required to implementation of the technology?
  3. What support, documentation, help are available to implement the technology?
  4. How much maintenance, training is needed for using technology?
  5. Is required to customise/change technology to meet envisage use of technology?
  6. Will it be accessible to participants and consulter?