Oliver's Consultation Processes

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Oliver (2006) [1] outlines that for a successful consultation, the following phases need to be carried out:

1. Pre-consultation planning

  • define the objectives of the consultation exercise;
  • identify your target audience(s);
  • identify how best to reach them;
  • prepare the materials – feedback forms, event planning, scripting adverts, designing posters etc.

2. The consultation process

  • consultation events – meetings, online forums, workshops, submission forms etc;
  • publicity campaign to ensure the public knows how they can take part;
  • on-going monitoring of the various aspects of the consultation – ensure that the website is working, the advert appears in the paper etc.

3. Consultation feedback

  • provide feedback to the people who participated in the consultation;
  • carry out an evaluation of your consultation to identify the areas which worked best, what didn’t work so well and why.

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  1. The Voluntary Arts Network