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What information do we have that might be used in the guide?

From our own work

What can we say based on our own work? This includes:


Explanations we have written to introduce topics to others.

  • for the questionnaires
  • for focus groups
  • at demonstrations
  • at workshops and conferences


What we have found out in our work. Descriptions, data, quotations, ...


What we now understand as a result of our work. Our interpretations.


What we have learned from our work. Messages and stories we want to communicate to others.

From elsewhere

What have others written that is relevant?


Set up each topic on a separate page. Then we can add under each topic a list of information resources, from both our own work and other sites.

  1. Technology
    1. Classification of technology
    2. Tables of technology
    3. Tech Demo page (e.g. technology, application)
    4. Instruction for using technology
    5. Working/Examples software (Surveyor. Wiki, Blog, Voting, CRM, WebIQ, Zing)
    6. Reaction / Feedback from Workshop/Demonstration)
    7. How to customise software
  2. Trials
    1. Combination of software for trial partners
    2. Comparison of Discussion forum
    3. Result / Usability test
    4. Overview/Lesson learned from trials
    5. Comparison of e-consultation/consultation

  1. Young people
  2. Moderation guide
  3. Working tips for e-consultation
  4. promoting guide

  1. Participation
    2. Case studies
    3. OPDM
  2. Marketing
    1. Community groups, NGO contacts
    2. UN report
    3. Difference between consultations NGO/official
    4. Bloggers
    5. E-community

  1. Questioners
    1. Consultation techniques
    2. Benefits/Problems of consultation/e-consultation
  2. Focus groups / interview
    1. Benefits/Problems with consultation/e-consultation
      1. Depth of engagement / Process
  3. Conference papers
  4. Benefits of e-consultation
  5. First report to HEA
    1. Classification of technology
    2. Discussion - Armagh
      1. Depth of engagement / Process
    3. Participants perspective
      1. Top-down / Bottom-up
  6. Promotion
    1. Waterways
      1. Worked/Not worked

  1. Management of consultation/e-consultation process
  2. Consultation guide
    1. Community
    2. Websites
    3. Examples

  1. Papers/References/Examples
    1. Why e-consultation
    2. E-participation
    3. Technology demonstration
  2. Good/bad e-consultation
  3. Findings of focus groups
  4. Stories of trial partners
  5. Participation Manuals
  6. Facilitator Manuals

  1. Choosing software selection for trial partners
  2. Translation of requirnments of trials partners
  3. Demonstration findings
  4. Pre-trials survey
  5. Specification for Community Lab in LYIT